Sabathil Vanthen Music Video - Northern Anthem

Another singles from Northern Anthem Music Album entitled Saabathil Vanthen . The song is composed and sang by KMG Kidz Seenu . Lyrics done penned by Kumunan Letchumanan. Northern Anthem had their album launch as in a bigger scale where tons of Malaysian Artist and fans came to support their effort of producing good music. They new album is now on sale nation wide.

Saabathil Vanthen is one of the albums special song can be said. The song is brought up into visuals by RAW Cine Production , Jaya Sangar Krishnan. RAW is an upcoming team with various talent to be proved in the industry. They have done few short films and music videos . Their recent attempt and a successful one is 'Saabathil Vanthen'. When coming to the song first , the composer did a pretty job there by producing good beat . Its kind of mix of few genre. The song is also sang by himself. Applause for that. Lyrics is the main plus point here . Well penned.

Music video will always bring out the best of the song they say. RAW's effort is never wasted as the outcome was good. The video is more better compared to his last release and he had improvised alot in certain view of point. Keep on producing such music videos and improvise more. Hard-work never fails. All the best for Northern Anthem team.

Ennule Unnulai by Dev & Sinthuja

 Due to some technical errors, we are now back on track to help our Mannin Mainthargal to get what they really need. In that list we have talented singers Dev & Sinthuja featuring the one and only Shameshan Manimaran with their upcoming song Ennule Unnulai .
    When I first listened to the teaser, its obvious to say its a love melody track but we cant judge completely on the teaser it self. Music is by Shameshan Manimaran, a man of multi talents in music we can say . Dev and Sinthuja , I am pretty sure they are ready to entertain you with this superb song. The brand new unplugged song will be releasing on New Year 2015. So stay tuned with us and do listen to the teaser below .

Ithu Kadhala by Neroshen

Another hit from our "Malaysian Anirudh". 3rd single from the album "HashtagONE" .The music video is currently in pre production , this song was written by Prabu and composed by Neroshen himself. This was one of the earliest song that was composed for his album.

Neroshen has done it again with his 3rd hit singles where I still keep playing in repeat mode here. The best part of it is the lyrics. Prabhu have completely amazed the listeners with his mesmerizing lyrics.My favourite part is Unnai paartha manithuli, Ovvandrum, oru panithuli aagum, Atharkaake yeangiyea, Yen iruvugal theernthathe. This song makes me more to listen to the lyrics than the music. Neroshen have his own style of composing music. All of his 3 songs have some similiar, it could be the genre of the music he use or the concept. My suggestion is do listen this song and you will know it for youself. Neroshen's another magic trick

IndianOsai Rating - 3.75/5