Imaginary Colour Studio & TeamWork Studios in Association with The Bad Company Film presents Neatru Aval Irundhal #NAI. After completing his first short film, Arinthum Ariyamalum , Viknish is back with a new concept, new storyline and new cast. As earlier when we asked him about it, he told us that its totally different from his previous one as this has its deepest scar in it. Produced once again by Viknish, Mahesh and adding in this time director of Big Gun Havinash Jivan .Music done by the talented Vinesh Kumar

Talking about the lead cast , the main cast are G.Crack Asuranz , Jaya Ganason , Gishnevern and Mahessan. Its totally a matured film to be said.G Crack Asuranz is a born actor I can say. His previous performances in short films really amazed me. He proved that he is not only good in singing but a good entertainer as well. Jaya Ganason who started her acing career in a short film by Karthik Shamalan, Muthal Naal Indru. After that she acted in the same directors movie, Melle Tiranthathu Kathavu as supporting cast . In this shortfilm, she did a good job as well.

Same goes to Gishnevern as his first time acting he did a awesome job as well. Mahessan character as the villain is what I liked the most. His body language and the way he reacted is simply superb.Background score was one of the highlights here and Vinesh Kumar nailed it well. Editing part was another advantage for the film as it is done by Kuben Mahadevan and Rayvn Manogaran.

Now to the shortflm, people have their own opinion and not all are encouraging as well. Indian Osai felt this movie's story concept is something familiar but this have its own deep scar in it. The dialogues are matured and some thinks its irrevelant. Well as an open audience, I felt that the film is similiar to reality. A problem that no couples should face. The ending has its suspense where hero killed the villain to end all of it but at the same time, heroine was hanging on rope as she committed suicide. This is where audience felt that maybe she did that because of misunderstanding of her husbands conversation with the villain or maybe there could be another reason. To see for yourself what happened, do watch the link below.

Indian Osai Rating -  3.45/5

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